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Hotline: 0755-29078051
Address: Room D910, Level 9, Silver Star Building No.1301 Guanguang Road,  Longhua District, Shenzhen City 518110, Guangdong Province, China


            Technical advantage:
We own a series of proprietary intellectual property rights and technologies, including optical design, mechanical design, electronic design, software design and assembly technologies.

      Human resource advantage:
Our core technical members have decades of experience in optical engineering design working with domestic and foreign companies. They also have design skills of the advanced products in the global market. We can provide world-class products. In addition, we have an R & D team that includes optical design, mechanical design, electronic design and software development. Due to our strong design capability, we are able to develop a variety of products related to spectrum analysis.

     Cost advantage:
We can take advantage of fabrication capacity in China; and consolidate our resources in China and overseas for keeping our advantage.

    Operation advantage:
Our operation and technical team has decades of experience in China and overseas engaged in optical research and engineering work. The team is familiar with both China and overseas markets, which is very beneficial to us for exploring China and the overseas markets.

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